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 Wicked Weaves is the premier provider of hair extensions and hair extensions installation services. Our goal is to provide the very best hair installation, makeup, lash and hair extensions in New York City and Dallas. Wicked Weaves offer luxurious extensions and exceptional trending hair installation service for a competitive price. Because our quality control standards are high, our stylists, extensions, and products are among the best in the business. Our goal is to always deliver "wicked services and products for a wicked price." We want you, our valued customer, to be happy. We offer a variety of serivces and products.  From sew-ins to custom units,  to tape extensions and now hair replacements systems, our professional licensed stylists are well versed Here is a complete list of our services.


 We take pride in offering services that allow for quality and affordability.  Select from different sew-ins, ranging from our full head lace frontal or lace closure hair installation packages, to our more intricate leave out seamless or four part vixen package.  Achieve the desired look of your choice, from the professional stylists of your choice who are vetted experts in the hair extensions and weaving industry.  Whether you prefer a natural or dramatic look, we offer several sew-in packages that are attributing factors to the final look you want to acquire.  The foundational technique used to install your extensions distinguishes our packages from each other.  From the braiding foundation, to the stitching, each package is designed to fit the comfortability level of the client.  

Do you have a desired sew-in service in mind, but want to add an extra bundle for thickness or custom color for a bold look? Maybe you want to dye the knots to your frontal, to give the allusion of the extensions pertruding from your scalp. Or maybe you want added protection for your natural hair, but the service you seeking is not offered in the package.   No worries! Check out the additional services that can be included in your sew-in package.  

What are you waiting for? Book your appointment now! While we offer shampoo and blow drying services, we recommend clients arriving to their appointment with their hair already wahsed and dried. We sell hair! Inquire about our hair before booking an appointment. Clients can choose to purchase hair from us, or bring at least two bundles, (3 bundles for lengths that are 18" or longer).  Used bundles can not be cut, or package may be subjected to upgrade. Extensions are not included in the cost of the packages.  

The Wicked - $50.00

Double tracking method with hair left out, includes blending of leave out. *Does not include cut and style.

The Scandal - $75.00

Half double/Half- single tracking method with hair left out, includes blending of leave out. *Does not include cut and style.

The Erotic - $100.00

Double tracking method with the installation of 3 bundles, includes blending of leave out. *Does not include cut and style.

The Tease - $135.00

Single tracking method includes detailed cut and style.

The Sinful Seamless Package - $185.00

Single tracking method, up to 3 bundles installed. No visible tracks, braids, or scalp, includes detailed cut and style.

The Provocative Closure - $150.00

Half-Double/Half-Single tracking method, HANDMADE CLOSURE, net, detailed cut and style.

The Shameless Lace - $190.00

Half-Double/Half-Single tracking method, customized LACE CLOSURE, and detailed cut and style.

Seductive Lace - $250.00

Half-Double/Half-Single tracking method, customized FRONTAL, and detailed cut and style.

Versatile Vixen Packages - $225.00

Select from a 2 part, 3 part, and 4 part VIXEN that includes single tracking and detailed cut and style.
*This install requires track to be cut.


27 Piece Quick Weave - $100.00

Wig Sew-In - $50.00

Lace Front Wig (Bonded) - $75.00

27 Piece Sew-In - $175.00

Braid-less Sew–In - $200.00

Individual Track Sew-In - $185.00

Customization & Lace Wig - $250.00

Ponytails - $45.00

Quick Weave (Bonded) - $50.00

Reused Hair Sew-In - $25.00


½ Single ½ Doubled - $25.00

Single Tracking - $50.00

Invisible Part - $50.00

Net - $10.00

Detailed Cut /Style - $35.00

Flat Iron - $25.00

Premium Products - $0.00

Per Additional Bundle - $25.00

Silk Press - $55.00

Small Braids  - $25.00

Spiral Curls - $30.00


 Blow Out - $10.00

Deep Conditioner - $10.00

Partial Relaxer (halo/hairline) - $30.00

Relaxer - $50.00

Virgin Relaxer - $65.00

Shampoo/Conditioner - $25.00

Shampoo of Extensions - $15.00

Take Out (Sew In/Bonded) - $25.00

Take Out w/ Shampoo (Braids/Braidless) - $50.00

Weave Maintenance - $50.00


Color Retouch - $35.00

Bleaching Closure Knots - $15.00

Bleaching Frontal Knots - $25.00

Partial Color (hairline/halo) - $15.00

Semi Permanent  Color - $35.00

Permanent Hair Color/per bundle - $50.00

Highlights and Lowlights - $75.00

Single Processing (darker color deposit) - $35.00

Single Processing (lighter color) - $50.00

Custom Color (double processing) - $ 75.00